September 02, 2013


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Flavor and Variety that Thrills and Delights 

You know what we’re talking about…that one flavor that fills your brain when someone just mentions it…the smooth creaminess of milk chocolate, the sweet ‘bite’ of sea salt caramel, the OMG taste of loaded bake potato, and the deliciously sour sensation of dill pickle. This…this is what we’re talking about. We are OBSESSED with coating your palate with all of these wonderful sensations in a bag filled with some of the best popcorn around! You know what we’re talking about…you’re thinking of some of those flavors RIGHT….NOW…

Passionate, Fast, Friendly and Helpful Service

You know the drill…you come in a shop and the ‘help’ glances up and then looks away, quickly trying to ‘look busy’ so you won’t notice that they know you’re there.  Not here.  Not with our guests.  Not when you have dropped in…looking for just that popcorn flavor, unusual candy, or gift need to satisfy your current obsession.  We know what you need – a friendly smile, a few samples of our many delicious flavors, and an offer to help you decide which flavor obsession you want to indulge in RIGHT NOW.   That’s what we’re here for – to be OBSESSED with giving you fast, friendly, and helpful service so that your taste buds can be indulged FAST.

The Highest Quality Products

Ever had your mouth all set for a nice crunchy bite of smooth, sweet caramel popcorn?  It looks all nice and delicious in your hand, so you smile with delight and pop a couple of pieces of chewy popcorn in your waiting mouth.  Wait…what?  Chewy?  Yeah…that’s not a problem here.   Our popcorn is freshly popped, crunchy, and completely coated with mouthwatering, top-quality chocolates, real cheeses, and delicious fruit flavors.  We pop all 75 flavors right here in our store, because (yep, you guessed it) we are OBSESSED with quality.  If a batch doesn’t come out JUST RIGHT, it will never make it into your bag of deliciousness.  It just won’t.   

Energetic, Consistent and Trendy Experience

Don't you just love to walk into a shop and your senses are sharpened and your eyes widen?  You love coming in and smelling the delicious aromas, the colors are beautiful, and the energy in the place makes you curious and excited to be there.  THAT is what Popcorn Obsession strives for -- cutting edge flavor for gourmet popcorn -- fascinating flavors and great ideas for your gifts AND your taste buds!  

Positive Contributions to Our Local Community

People matter.  Communities matter.  Towns matter.  Neighbors matter.  And companies are made of up of people who live, work, shop, and socialize in a community.  As a locally, family-owned company, Popcorn Obsession strongly believes that a strong presence in the Chadds Ford / West Chester / Delaware County community is of critical importance.  If you need help with fundraising for your organization, or sponsoring a team or group in the community, please contact us.  We believe that strong people and companies result in strong communities -- and we want to be a part of that.

It’s All In The Name…

Newly expecting parents know what I’m talking about…you find out that an exciting addition to your life is coming, and the plans begin.  So many things to think about and plan for…but one of the big ones?  What are we going to name this new one?  A traditional name?  A trendy name?  A family name?  The discussions are endless… “Oh, not THAT one…I knew a boy in 2nd grade with that name and I HATED him.”  “What?  You gotta be kidding me.  That doesn’t do it for me at all.”  So finally you narrow it down to two or three possibilities.  You run it by friends and family.  And finally…there it is.  The perfect name that you both like and defines the hopes and dreams you have for this child.  

Finding a name for a new business is not so different, with the exception that it's more than two ‘parents’ coming to an agreement, so that complicates things a bit.  But everything else?  Yes, pretty much the same.  Endless discussions…trying it out with friends and family…one (or more) person shooting down a name that you really like…  Until finally…there it is.  The name that defines what you want your business to convey to customers and dream of how it will grow.

Hence, our name is POPCORN OBSESSION!  This name encompasses so much of who we are and the neighborhood destination we want to build. We want to provide flavors that you’ve never dreamed of before but you quickly become obsessed with.  And WE are obsessed with featuring over-the-top flavors, service, quality and variety!

So welcome to our new baby and your new passion:  POPCORN OBSESSION!!


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